"Cask of Amontillado" lesson plan

Aaron Bennett

Nov. 29, 2004


10 min             Introduce story and define vocabulary on board

Impunity- freedom from punishment

Unredress- not corrected, not set right

Retribution- punishment

Virtuoso- one who is skilled in one of the fine arts

Imposture- fake, fraud, counterfeit

Gemmary- craftsmanship using gems

Surmount- overcome, rise above

Abscond- hide away, run away with

Gesticulation- expressive gesture showing emotion

Promiscuous- casual, without order, irregular

Circumscribe- go around, encircle

Aperture- hole

Carnival- Mardi Gras


25 min             Read "The Cask of Amontillado"


10 min             Follow-up questions


1.)    Do you think Montresor liked Fortunado?

2.)    Why did Fortunado and Montresor go into the catacombs?

3.)    What were the catacombs used for, besides storing wine?

4.)    Montresor told Fortunado he shouldn’t go into the catacombs be he was ____?

5.)    Did Fortunado have a high opinion of Luchesi’s wine-tasting abilities.

6.)    Were the catacombs comfortable places to hang out?

7.)    What did Montresor do to Fortunado?

8.)    Did Montresor bring a servant into the catacombs to help with some brick work?

9.)    Did people find what Montresor had done, and send him to jail?


5 min               Exploring the horror genre.

Group activity: brainstorm on board, or on paper in smaller groups if class is larger.

Scary Places:

Scary Movies:

Scary Sounds:

Scary Fiction:

Why do you think people enjoy getting scared?  Do you?  What scares you?


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