Horror Author Interview Questions

To get the best interview possible, it is crucial that the interviewer knows as much as possible about the author.  With that in mind, the interview should be conducted after preliminary research is done.  That doesn’t meant you need to wait until then to arrange the interview.  It is usually best to provide as much time as possible so the interviewee has time to slip you into their schedule.


Ask between 12 and 15 questions max.  Questions are in no particular order, so you can place questions in the order you would like.  Make sure to make up some that deal with the works you’ve read by that author.  The more probing the questions, the more in-depth the answers you are likely to receive.  Don’t feel chained to the questions.  If an interesting topic comes up in the course of the interview, run with it.  This is often how the best interviews happen.



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